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Soothe Sprayer 

Soothe Sprayer is our topical spray designed for immediate joint and muscle relief. It combines the medicinal impact of both cannabis extracts and organic herbs. We use traditional herbal medicine making methods and source cannabis grown sustainably on small farms here in Northern California. We combine anti-inflammatory cannabis extract with locally grown, certified organic herbs like peppermint, which provides soothing relief and increased blood flow and absorption from the treated area.


Soothe Sprayer is formulated only using organic, cane-based alcohol for safe application and absorption, for external use only and keep away from your eyes!

We predict you will love this topical spray!



The Resourcery is a cannabis manufacturing and distribution company that collaborates with California’s hard working, heart-first cultivator community to produce quality cannabis oil for use in consumer products like tinctures, edibles, and vapor cartridges. Technical definitions aside, The Resourcery is a connector of people, an extractor of dreams, and a quirky little oasis of inspiration and hope. 

We are also the producer and distributor of

PhytoMagic brand herbal tinctures.


For more info on this line of traditional herbal tinctures with a cannabis finish, check out our PhytoMagic Products page!

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