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Quality products start with quality oil, and quality oil comes from our network of organic-minded, environmentally conscious cultivators. We extract with organic ethanol in our solar powered facility right here in beautiful Sebastopol.



We create two forms of oil: full spectrum and distillate.


Full Spectrum is a partially refined crude oil that has a beautiful amber or golden color as it still contains a great multitude of beneficial phytochemicals. If you’ve ever wondered what makes up the other 40% in a 60% cannabinoid oil, it’s a bunch of amazing stuff like terpenes, flavonoids, ketones, and esters. These amazing subcomponents of cannabis do more than just contribute to flavor and aroma, they have also been shown to have synergistic effects with cannabinoids, which makes unique and holistic experiences for your customers.

Distillate has become popular with the average consumer since the rise of cannabinoid potency testing. These oils achieve potencies ranging from 75% to 95%+! This results in an incredibly pure, nearly clear oil that is stunning to look at and enticing to customers. If you’re looking for an oil that is pretty much JUST cannabinoids with very little of the other plant compounds, this is for you.

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Not sure which oil would be best for your project? Get in touch for a free, no pressure consult. We love discussing and designing plants as both magic and medicine, and would love to help you make the best choice for your customers’ satisfaction.

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Our hands on, artisanal approach to oil making allows us to do small batch, single source, and special combination oil. If you’re looking for something specific, let us know!

Interested in our other products or collaborating with us on creating cartridges, tinctures, or topicals with YOUR BRAND on them? Check out our Custom Manufacturing service!



We at The Resourcery believe that the most successful realized cannabis dreams begin with quality cannabis grown by heart-forward cultivators who observe organic practices and farm in harmony with the environment. We bring this quality biomass from our network of farmers and extract it into quality cannabis oil using a cold ethanol extraction process in our facility that matches these values, using organic ethanol, powered by an on site solar array, and prioritizing local sourcing and sustainable materials whenever possible. We test for quality and safety before and after extraction to ensure our machines and your products are free from contaminants. Your customers deserve the best, and we are committed to providing you with products that deliver on your promise to them. While we feel confident every safeguard is in place to protect against issues, should our customers find anything unsatisfactory, we will go to great lengths to make amends. Long term, mutually beneficial relationships are our goal, and we are committed to the work needed to cultivate and care for these relationships with our cultivators, our oil customers, and our brand collaborators.

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