When California’s legal cannabis market launched in 2018, our reality was fundamentally changed forever. But just because customer preferences, regulations, and cost structures are changing doesn’t mean we have to change the ethics that guide our business relationships. In fact, we believe that by working in earnest collaboration, we each have the opportunity to specialize in what we love to do, and what we do best. 

This is the founding inspiration of The Resourcery. Our team has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. We love helping cultivators spend more time at the farm and less in the conference room, and in doing so we also get to help product visionaries breathe life into their creation. At The Resourcery, we create WIN-WIN-WIN situations.



We believe in a concept we affectionately call “Kind Capitalism”, in which supporting the common good is a fundamental responsibility of all businesses. At The Resourcery we have borrowed the idea of the “Triple Bottom Line” from our experience working in nonprofits, which calculates the actual success of a business not just from its financial reports but also from its impact on the community it serves and the planet as a whole.


Our commitment to the greater good comes in two forms:

  • Environmental Stewardship! We use solar power and locally sourced materials whenever feasible.

  • Social Equity! Our company’s financial model allocates 5% of our profits to charitable donations. These donations are directed towards anti-poverty work and equal rights for People of Color and LGBTQI communities.



Ashley Nelson



Mitcho Thompson


“If it can be imagined, the Earth contains resources to create it.”

Coming of age in the historical town of Salem, Massachusetts where she began her career advocating for farmers and regional food systems, Ashley quested to Sonoma County in 2010 to attend the California School of Herbal Studies to become a village witch in her own right. Following her desire to spread the “Earth First” message to commerce and help avert a global ecological collapse, she went on to get her MBA in Sustainable Business Management at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. Weaving together a near obsession with best possible outcomes and a lifelong commitment to positive impact, Ashley’s last decade in the cannabis industry has focused on creating efficient systems and managing processes in ways that support each team member’s individual success. After all, we spend so much time at work!

Come meet Ashley at The Resourcery for tea and business strategy and let her help design your journey from vision to manifestation. If you’re lucky, she’ll even show you pictures of her amazing cat, Ping.

“What is designed by the heart brings laughter to the head.”

Considered by many to be a direct descendent of the mystical fae, Mitcho has been a community organizer with a passion for bringing joy and healing to the bodies and minds of others since he was a tiny embryo. After founding and running a program for homeless LGBTQ youth in San Francisco, Mitcho moved to Sonoma County to pursue herbal medicine where he attended and then taught at the California School of Herbal Studies. As a founding member of Peace in Medicine, Mitcho noticed a gap in the industry’s offerings. Thus PhytoMagic was born in 2007 under the original name Lumen Naturae tinctures and Granny Jane’s salves and tonics. Mitcho continues to create community through education, through a series of free classes and webinars and through his role as Chancellor emeritus of Oaksterdam University, and by providing good food and drink at various events. 

Come meet Mitcho at The Resourcery to formulate a potent concoction that will take you and your customers where they want to go. He’s always got a wicker basket full of samples, so you’re guaranteed to leave blooming from Root to Crown.

JohnnyNolen _Headshot2.png

Johnny Nolen



Craig Litwin


“The more challenging the process, the more rewarding the creation.”

Seemingly destined to create plant medicine, Johnny started his journey to The Resourcery with his undergrad education in biochemistry, focusing on health supplements and herbal remedies. Returning to California after college in 2002 in the midst of the initial swell of the medical cannabis industry, it was clear to Johnny that the cannabis liberation movement was in line with his passion for scientifically backed holistic wellness. From his first dispensary in SF, The Sanctuary, to the world-renowned Peace in Medicine chain to modern cannabis behemoth SPARC, Johnny’s creativity and analytical design mentality would repeatedly set the standard for the cannabis industry, including reclaimed nomenclature, product merchandising techniques, and quality control protocols. 

Come meet Johnny at The Resourcery and let him put his nearly two decades of cannabis experience to work guiding your products to success. And if you’ve got the time, ask about joining one of his secret, underground board game nights.

“In all journeys, there is a path where everyone gets what they need.”

For Craig, the story of cannabis has always been a story of agricultural freedom. A top signature-gatherer for Proposition 215, Craig went on to become a Sebastopol Council Member and Mayor, co-authoring one of the nation’s first dispensary ordinances. Driven by his passion for designing and implementing environmentally and socially sound policy, and aided by his mystical ability to talk reason into elected officials and municipal staff, Craig has been a key pathway opener for cannabis in numerous jurisdictions. With legal cannabis implemented here in California and the days of unrighteous incarceration behind, Craig has shifted his focus to spreading environmentally sustainable and socially equitable practices within cannabis businesses through his consultancy, 421 Group.

Come meet Craig at The Resourcery and let him help you unwind the mystery of your local municipal labyrinth. Be sure to see if he’s got any extra foraged chanterelles or fruit from his permaculture garden laying around.